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Tyler offers beginner to advanced courses that cover a wide range of all things SFX. one-to-three-day weekend workshops are shorter versions of courses and can accommodate those who live out of state.

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Introducing the Mini Monster by Tyler Green!

Portable, compact double action airbrush perfect for all your SFX & Beauty needs!

Features a battery powered option for on-the-go applications

Compatible with a wide variety of airbrush makeup, SFX paints and pigments.

Great for face/body painting, prosthetics, masks, props or cake decorating!

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Discover Your Passion & Uncover Your Potential

Tyler believes if you have the drive, determination and creativity you may be pleasantly surprised with what you can do.

Most students have never picked up a brush or sculpting tool. Yet with coaching, they're mastering basic sculpting, molding and casting skills and bringing their concepts and characters to life.

View the student spotlight, a showcase of Tyler's top favorite looks from past students' work. 

Student Spotlight

Photography by Mandi Martini

“I came into his studio with minimal skills in FX makeup. This didn’t stop Tyler a bit. He coached us through what seemed to be daunting tasks and by the end of the lessons, I felt accomplished and proud to show off the effects I had created... I owe my success to him.”
— Elizabeth

On-Location Training


Located within driving distance from New York city and Boston, the studio was designed to accommodate students and their learning with molding and sculpting areas and 7 application stations especially lit for applying makeup and painting.


Because of its high ceilings and big windows, students use the studio to do a photoshoot as their final assignment for Tyler's advanced prosthetic class. When not used by students, the studio turns into Tyler's creative space where many of his commissioned work and  innovations come to life.

Tyler Green FX Studio display.jpg
Tyler Green FX Studio in CT.jpg
tyler and student graduation.jpg

Tyler Green FX Studio Location:

100 Whiting St. Suite 406

Winsted, CT 06098

Business hours by appointment only

Tyler Green FX Studio Map.jpg

Behind the Scenes Tour of Tyler Green FX Studio

Ryan Kristafer from News Channel 8 stops by for a visit!

“My daughter has been taking classes with Tyler for about a year and a half... I could not possibly think of a better mentor than Tyler. He has been unbelievably supportive and encouraging. The progress she has made has been incredible. Tyler’s guidance is invaluable and I know that under his direction, she will be successful her the career.”
— Michele

Demo Reel of Tyler's latest creatures

Here is a glimpse of Tyler's latest characters in action!

Videograpy by Jonathan Geddis & Jonathan Olson


Creature Design


AMC's The Walking Dead and Dr Pepper Commercial

This was a past commercial Tyler worked on for Dr. Pepper + AMC's The Walking Dead.

Location: New York, New York


Film Work




SFX Makeup Supervisor

Final Thesis.jpg

Final Thesis



Creature Design