SyFy's FACE OFF Contestant

Season 6 Finalist & All Star semi-finalist

-29 Episodes-

Tyler is one of the most inspiring, innovative and outside-of-box thinkers you’ll ever meet. With an intuitive and innovative approach to the creative process, he uses his artistic ability and skills to work within a variety of industries requiring his expertise in SFX makeup and education.

Tyler is an educator. He teaches students of all ages in his studio located in Winsted, CT. He travels all around the country training the next generation of makeup artist.

Tyler believes that in within each of us there is an ability to think beyond the obvious if we expand our minds.

"I believe if you have the drive, determination, and creativity, you might be pleasantly surprised with what you can do" - Tyler Green

He is the owner of Creative Genius LLC, and is an inventor of consumer gadgets and accessories. Among many other products, Tyler conceptualized and developed the Wonderband Systems™, an intricate intelligent concept for gripping items, with applications in multiple industries.

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Tyler’s incredible and unique talents and achievements have been featured over the years in newspapers, magazines, and on radio and television.


Featured on:

Special Appearances:

  • 2017 IMATS NYC

  • 2015 CT Comic Con - CT 

  • 2015 Anime Matsuri - Houstin, TX

  • 2015 IMATS NYC

  • 2014 IMATS NYC

  • 2014  Creativity Conference - Washington, DC


You can find Tyler battling other talented makeup artists on SYFY's show Face Off Season 6 and All Stars Season 11

Photos courtesy of SyFy / NBC Universal

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Creature Design

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Demo Reel of Tyler's latest creatures

Videograpy by Jonathan Geddis & Jonathan Olson

Film Work




SFX Makeup Supervisor

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Final Thesis


Creature Design

The Amber Green Show is a web series that takes you on a journey into the world of special effects makeup and costume design.

The Amber Green Show is a web series that takes you on a journey into the world of special effects makeup and costume design.

Episode 1: Project Traveling Oracle

Watch how it all came together in our first Amber Green Show episode!

Produced by: Ebony Amber & Tyler Green

Edited by: Luke Haughwout

Additional Photography: Mandi Martini, Paul J. Clough, Chuck Cook, Last Witness

Special Thanks: CT Style, Kryolan Professional Makeup Smooth-On, Reynolds Advanced Materials Samhain Contact Lenses, IMATS CT Horror Fest, TerrifiCon Anime Matsuri Convention Nicholas Kelly, Mark Santos, Bethany Serpico Alec Green, Dale Amber.

Episode 2: Lake Compounce Haunted Graveyard

It's our favorite time of year...Halloween! Watch our behind the scenes tour of the Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce in Bristol Connecticut!

Produced by Ebony Amber & Tyler Green

Edited by Luke Haughwout